brandnewBrand new 5.5 with an enclosed cabin for the comfort of the operator and
for OH & S in very dusty and at times Hazardous environments.
In addition our 5.5T comes with a Hydraulic Batter bucket to enable the
operator to work on all angles if required for final finishing.
Dimensions: Width 2000mm, Height 2530mm

hitachi2HITACHI 33U EXCAVATOR with Buckets, Hammer and Auger
Dimensions : Width 1550 mm, Height 2480 mm

truck_backHITACHI 17U. Excavator with Buckets, Hammer and Auger.
Dimensions : Width 1280 mm to 980 mm, Height 2400 mm

hinoHINO FD500
The Hino has a 6 Ton Payload, Towbar, Site Safety Beacons, UHF and all the
other safety features including reverse camera.
Its height is 2450mm with a width of 2175mm, perfect for those City projects
removing materials after Stripouts and Demolition.
Or simply relocating materials and Equipment from one site to another.

Our range of Mini Excavators are perfect for projects that requiring a smaller machine. We run both 1.5T and 3T
mini diggers and are available on a Machine/Operator basis.
We also have a team of contractors that work by our side on many projects.
From the worlds leading manufactures our carefully selected Hitachi mini excavators are the highest quality
money can buy.
Our equipment is always updated as we are strong believers that it is not only important to know our industry
but to also present ourselves as professionals.
It is important for our customers to present the correct image the their clients of what contractors are employed
to carry out the work on their project. All our equipment is equiped with all safety requirements and our
operators are trained in all aspects of what their equipment can do.
We also can provide our clients with various Trucks and Tipping arrangements.
Our machines are accompanied with all buckets required along with Hammer and Augers.
If there is a project you wish to discuss please concerning availability of equipment or access available, please
call us on 0408468249


  1. Rates are effective as of june 2016 – july 2017;
  2. All prices do not include gst and are subject to change without notice;
  3. Floats may vary depending on locations;
  4. It is solely the customer’s responsibility to cancel due to wet weather in advance a 6-hour minimum will apply if the
    –     machine or truck is not canceled 2 hours prior to commencement; Or for any support Labour 4 Hours minimum will apply.
    Daily Toolbox Talks – Hired Labour or operators are to participate in Clients Toolbox Talks
  5. Any machine or truck that cannot be parked securely onsite overnight will be floated out at the end of each day at the –    customer’s expense;
  6. All equipment close to or equivalent in sizing subject to availability;
  7. All pricing for any combinations will be priced upon request;
  8. Machines sizes listed may vary, according to availability;
  9. Plant rates may vary if sourcing equipment externally;
  10. Any cancelations not due to wet weather must be informed a reasonable time before commencement time; or minimum
    –     charges will apply
  11. Hours of Operation are Monday to Friday 6.00 am to 5.00 pm;Saturdays 7.00 am to 2.00 pm;Hours outside of the Normal
    –     Hours will incur a Penalty Rate; for Plant, for Labour as Per Award Regulations
  12. Public holidays, Sundays & night work is charged at a penalty rate.$40/hr; For Plant, for Labour as Per Award Regulations
  13. A Day docket is to be signed by the client at the end of each day;
  14. Any attachments needed that were not floated out at the same timeas the machine have an additional float charge of
    –     $150 per attachment+ GST;
  15. All machines on the 1st day of the job have a minimum 8 hours;
  16. Tolls and tip fees not included in truck hourly hire rate;
  17. Tipping services available on request ;
  18. Current rate – $ 180.00 mixed rubbish p/c/m ex gst;
  19. All misc purchases requested will incur a 20%Handling and administration fee e.g roadbase, tools, etc;

Please Note: Prices are subject to change unless agreed prior to fix the Float charge on Plant will be subject to variation if we have to go Payment Options: On completion of works or as per account